Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 2, Rabbit Valley to Western Rim

Saturday morning we got up and got ready in a relaxed manner for a day riding. Then we made our way out to Rabbit Valley. I can't remember the last time I went to Rabbit Valley and didn't just roll the vehicle across the cattle guard and drive out into it. No truck, just a little low-clearance Toyota Matrix for me nowadays. So we parked in the lot, unloaded the bikes, and pedaled out into the Valley.

And you know, it was nice. Always better to be riding than driving, especially when dirt is involved. We are missing the camper, but honestly we might not have used it in a year. Sure, if we had still had it maybe we would have done something with it, but maybe not.

Western Rim, Utah

When we got to the Utah boundary we found 4 dudes cooling it. They were all wearing smiles. One was a local, and he was a good source of information. We had ridden the Western Rim before, and that's what we had in mind for the day. I think I could have found it just fine, but he was there with the info and presenting it without any ego. I asked him about the Overlook Trail which I saw on my Latitude 40° map. He had heard of it, but hadn't ridden it. 

Western Rim, Utah 

A posed photo, Kathy had me ride out and back to get an Action shot.

I think the local dude could have been more or less off the front, but he was tour-guiding the guys he was with. We wound up leapfrogging them the rest of the day, even though we were travelling at a total tourist pace.

Western Rim, Utah

Furthest west of the Western Rim. Always nice to get a touch of Utah.

At the suggestion of our new friend we rode back on Kokopelli's Trail. It was cool to see another little bit of it. And it gave us a couple nice overlooks, including this overlook of the Western Rim trail.

Western Rim, Utah

A good day out. Warm. Breezy but not windy. Not completely deserted, but inhabited with good people. We took trail #2 back to our civilized little car.

Next time I'll try to find the Overlook Trail.


Ed said...

Giddy-up #2 !!


Tom Purvis said...


I think you may be my audience now. Maybe I should just email you the story and pictures ;)