Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fruita Trip, Coda

Monday morning was chilly and moist. There were raindrops on the cars in the parking lot and substantial snow visible on the grand mesa to the east and book cliffs up north. 

The plan was to drive up over the Monument and maybe take a walk on one of the half hour tourist trails that go to a nice overlooks. The higher we got, the more snow. And it was gorgeous. 

Spring Storm in Monument

I got lots of pictures, but we missed our chance to walk more than about 150 feet from the car. We just weren't diligent about finding the right trail, and when it became obvious that we were heading back down to GJ we didn't have the will to turn around. 

We got a sandwich in town, stopped at Vitamin Cottage for some groceries and headed home.

Good trip.

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