Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trip to Canyon Country long overdue

After well over a year of distractions and barriers, including home ownership and busy work schedules, Kathy and I finally got a chance to take a long weekend and visit the land of red sand and cliff and juniper. We left Salida Friday the 30th, my dad's birthday. That afternoon we were on the Kokopelli's Loops, hitting Mary's and Kathy's favorite, Steve's Loop.

looking down at Steves

The weather was much more like late April than late March. Mid-70s, light breeze, clear sky. We went to Kokopelli first because we had the luxury of hitting it on a Friday. I knew to expect that it would be a zoo on Saturday, and much of Sunday as well with the onslaught of spring Front Range riders.

looking down at Colo River from Steves

Nice first day of our trip. We rode nearly 3 hours, went downtown for dinner but found no restaurant that was suitable or that wasn't too busy, so we grabbed burritos from Chipotle. The work fatigue was still with us, so we turned in early. Travel, arrival, bicycle, food, sleep. Not too complicated really.

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