Monday, March 26, 2012

Early Spring mostly thawed singletrack and Visitors

Spring has come to the upper Ark Valley and it's brought warm clear weather with it.

group ride

Ed and Jeny came up to Salida for the weekend, Saturday we got together. They brought friends Steve and Cat along. We all rode during a very warm afternoon. I for one was really not used to sweating wearing shorts and short jersey.

I took very few pics, and they are not very good.

group rideCat rides on N. Backbone.

group rideSteve and Cat pose with the southernmost bit of the Sawatch Range in the background.

We all went to my house for a little barbecue Saturday night, and the hanging out and yakking went well into the evening.

group ride

I also finished up the kittie treehouse in my back yard this weekend. A treated 6x6 post from my former fence configuration was a draw for the kids, and they scratched it before rope was there. My inspiration for building this structure was that I did not want them picking up treated wood slivers, and Butters has enjoyed perching on top.

group ride

Butters doesn't seem terribly impressed. But that's pretty much his standard look.

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Matt said...

Those cats look exactly like orange and one gray tabby. LOL. Original names were Julius and Orange Julius, but have since been changed to Jangles and Merv.