Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin' - diesel-powered trail building!

My group, Salida Mountain Trails has been working with the City of Salida and the BLM to build a trail network for several years. The City has been very cooperative over the years. But this year they've been more than helpful--they've been buying stuff that we can use and hiring crews to help us build trail.

Here's Andrew running a brand-new Bobcat 418 mini-excavator in a driving snowstorm:

And here's a Southwest Conservation Corps crew starting a month-and-half stint of full time work on behalf of the City of Salida:

It's an exciting time here in Salida. We are going to make the most possible out of the contribution that the City is making. And it starts today, April 1. No foolin'.


Gary B. said...

Hey Tom, can you bring that fancy machine down here after you're done with it? Heck, we'll even come get it! Good job and congrats on what's being accomplished in Salida.

FixieDave said...

Way cool i'll have to plan for a week after VT!

Ed said...

Bwa-hah-hah, GO ANDREW!!


Matt said...

Man, Salida is the new mecca. You guys are doing great work.