Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Summer Weekends

The summer has been quite full for me really. What I've done during most of it is to retrace my steps through local haunts. I haven't taken many pictures this year, because most of the places I've been riding and hiking are places I've been before on a routine basis, and of which I have stupid numbers of pics already.

One day in July I rode Starvation Creek and took I think some decent pictures:

Just before I hauled out the camera that day, I was up on the ridge before dropping into the Starvation Creek canyon when a bull elk in velvet trotted across the road in front of me. I thought, "those guys hang out together during summer before the rut starts." I could have gotten the camera out then in anticipation of seeing this guy's buds. Sure enough 45 seconds later two bulls in velvet came from the same area the first one was, and one was a whopper. Opportunity lost.

I had many great days like this, and one very memorable day hiking and gawking near Crested Butte (Schofield Townsite) with Kathy and her folks. Here from the summit of West Maroon Pass:

toward Snowmass from West Maroon Pass
Looking toward Schofield from West Maroon Pass

toward Schofield from West Maroon Pass
Looking toward Snowmass from West Maroon Pass

It's been a good summer. Now on to ushering it out by finishing the Vapor Trail 125.

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Good luck with Vapor Trail and have fun!