Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It isn't even that fun, is it?

Last summer when the South Central Racing Omnium was going on we had a local character come into the bike shop to try to convince us to let him ride a Specialized Roubaix from our rental fleet in the road race in exchange for the privelege of having him wear our shop jersey. He was also hoping for us to foot his $50 entry. He would have thrown down for sure, but we don't really often sponsor riders who show up half an hour before the race starts looking for a ride...

Anyway, I was showing him that the Roubaix we had in rental was a nearly $3,000 bike, and we had a new one just like it in his size right there on the showroom floor. He said without hesitation and in complete honesty, "Three thousand dollars for a road bike? It isn't even that fun, is it?"

That's what was going through my mind as I pedaled out of town to get some damned riding in, facing a brutally cold headwind, periodically slowing to near walking speed as I rolled over crunchy ice where the wind was blowing snow across the road.

You have to really want it. Like, really a lot.

I got my rollers out of the garage the other day. I look at them every once in a while, but I haven't gotten desperate enough yet to wobble my way into the beginning of a trip to nowhere.

But you know, the day is coming when I will be desperate enough.


Matt said...

I like the peace and quiet that seems to come on winter road rides. The cold takes time to dial in but once you nail it it's like riding any other time of the year. Awesome work!

FixieDave said...

Way to be out in it!

I'd so rather suffer and go slow outside vs. the rollers or trainer!

Tom Purvis said...

Last year I got better at really putting on all the clothing it takes to stay warm--most importantly the shoe covers. It really is better outside. Just gotta get with the program of dressing for winter. Oh, late-late autumn (winter starts at 7:04 AM Sunday)

OlaAmigos said...

Great pictures. Like Matt said they have a peaceful solitude. Very impressive. Cheers.