Thursday, February 14, 2008

Land Rush is On

The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo is still a couple of days away but already there are hundreds of established camps. Almost all the really good real estate has already been snapped up, and a few boundary disputes have been noted.

Normally Thursday night is when the real land rush gets resolved. From my memory, last night was about the equivalent of last year's Thursday night.

Tuesday afternoon from up on Wahoo.

Thursday morning from the same rock.

Today is pretty durned windy, and there's a system due to move through here sometime in the next 18 hours. It's not too cold, but not shorts weather either.

Yesterday afternoon I had a pleasent surprise when my good friend Sean McGuiness and his friend Lee rolled off Wahoo Rock, saw me standing around look goofy behind the camper and came over to say hey. I don't think I knew Sean was going to be here, Great and Happy Surprise!

Last night I put on lights and did a little shake out night ride. And before I'd ridden 5 minutes I shook myself right off the bike and onto a barrel cactus. DUMBASS! Very lucky to only have gotten two spines in me, but I did tweak my left knee a little. DUMBASS! I think it'll be fine by Saturday. A little tender this morning. DUMBASS! Kind of like driving on ice for the first time of the year--you have to remember that you'll need to slow down a little. DUMBASS!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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JenyJo said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!!! quit calling my friend a dumbass, yo!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you!!!