Monday, February 18, 2008

After Math

Just a quick post before I head down the highway towards home. My Old Pueblo race was excellent. I achieved my goal of 13 laps, just over 200 miles. The results on the web site said that my partner did a lap, but she wasn't here.

I was called up to take the 5th place trophy for co-ed duo, but I forfeited since it was against the rules to compete in duo without having a partner do any laps. It would have been 8th place if I'd been in men's solo as I wanted to.

I'm tired and sore of course, but very content. Talk to y'all soon.

Tom P the tired.


Gary B. said...

Congratulations, Tom! What a great ride, very impressive! Patti and I were wondering why your partner only did one lap, now we know she didn't do any or them. Rest up and let's get together soon!

ScottS said...

Hey Tom,

Great job Tom! I don't know how anyonoe does 13 laps. Amazing.

I thought I'd run into you and say hi but only saw you when they called your name for the award. ftr:I was the guy that went to Salida and got rained out 2 summers ago after riding the Crest.
I must admit though, I was pretty busy racking up 4 laps as well;-) Now that I live in tucson to avoid the rain and snow of Upstate NY, maybe I'll run into you in the Ritas in March.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Tom!
I stopped by on Sunday but there were like a bazillion white trucks and campers so I didn't find ya...
Man it was cold here in Tucson Saturday night, I could see my breath by 9pm and Willow Springs is like 1500' higher. I imagine a lot of riders froze their butts off.

Ed said...



FixieDave said...


Fawn says hi!

Japhy rider said...

great times at the Old Pueblo, Tom. seeing everyone from the races in Gunni, the VT125, and elsewhere sure was fun. thanks for saving us a spot in 24 Hour Town.

congrats on achieving your goals and riding safe.

see you in the mountains,
Japhy rider