Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Re-defining Tom's residential appliance

As I live in America, and have the world's finest marketing culture washing over me nearly 24 hours a day, I am aware of and energized by the phenomenal success and pervasiveness of the iPod. I personally do not own one. I have an MP3 player made by some inferior, 2nd-string company. It is stylish, sure, but compared to an iPod it's almost like carrying around a '47 Hudson automobile.

But I am hip. I'm with it. I'm down with the iPod thing, baby. In order to express my progressive ultra-American consumer identity, I am officially renaming my home, the POD. I hereby unveil the New & Improved Residential Capsule: the tPOD.

I'm in the 2nd week of life in my tPOD, located in the new POD-quarters up on the hill north of Salida. Nice place to be. I have a about 450 feet of elevation to climb in 3 miles when riding home from work at the bike shop, but that builds character. And aerobic endurance.

A storm rolled through Monday night and Tuesday, dropping plenty-o-moisture, some of it white. Here's what this morning looked like as I saddled up and headed for a day of good honest labor:

Racing at Nathrop for the 2nd race of the Yeti Spring Series Saturday. I'm getting in some good long rides between storms, so hopefully I won't vomit.


FixieDave said...

T-Pod Rocks!

You well have the lady's tearing down your door in no time!

Scoty in Salida said...

What's with the tall black dress socks on your main picture?

Tom Purvis said...

Regarding those tall "dress socks" on my main picture: One of the underwriters of the 24 Hours at the Old Pueblo was Recovery Sock, which is at My sister Meg bought me a pair of them, and after the first lap I put them on and wore them for 5 laps or more. They are really comfy, but maybe just a little funny-looking.

Ed said...

Yo Tom - good luck in the race and see you in about a week if you're around Salida ...