Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cold Danged Race Day

Today was the Yeti Spring Series #1 X/C in Nathrop, CO just 10 or so miles north of Salida. Promoted by RPM Cycling's Keith Darner, a friend of mine and a danged good guy, run on the same venue as the Chalk Creek Stampede, which is the opener of this year's Mountain States Cup.

A weather thing blew in yesterday, and overnight it got pretty cold. Dawn was overcast and in the 20s. But I was racing, dangit. I've shown up at that venue in some pretty bizarre weather before only to have perfectly appropriate race weather by the time the starter said go. So I dug out the warmies and headed up there around 10am.

Warming up wasn't easy, as it was around 39 when I got my kit assembled and started pedaling around. By the time we lined up it was mid-40s and the cloud ceiling seemed to be lifting, but it was still chilly with a moist breeze blowing.

I probably should have lined up with the experts, since I was bound to have my ass handed to me no matter what category I entered, but I entered Sport. Still feeling pretty tired from my White Rim day Wednesday of this week, so I really liked the sound of two laps more than three anyway. I always pummel myself silly in these short races. Two laps of suffering seemed to be a better fit.

I was 6th out of 9, which is pretty much where I normally finish in XC races. The left knee shot me a couple of yelpers, which makes me think I am going to have to deal with this IT band thing. Same pain as usual, outside of the left knee. But it hit me pretty hard today. Definitely slowed me down in the last half of my 2nd lap.

And then I got cold. I had to ride into the breeze about a mile to where my truck was parked after finishing, and I got a deep chill. Got home to Salida where it was snowing hard, ate a big pile of beans, rice, ground beef, cheese and a tortilla then took a nap with about 30 lbs of clothing on.

Another day, another dollar's worth of lactic acid.

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