Thursday, February 8, 2007

Technicolor Disney Desert

 I have arrived in Palm Desert, CA, where my parents spend their winters.

I'm here to visit, and to ride in the 2007 Tour de Palm Springs. I've done this ride before, and it's quite a spectacle. Thousands and thousands of riders. Megabuck unobtanium road sleds are out there with Wal-mart clunkers. Tandems haul trailers full of dogs. Recumbants. Very old and very young riders. Thousands. It's like a critical mass only with t-shirts and aid stations. Vast aid stations. Fifty-porta-potty aid stations. Many of them. Bizarlo.

But this year all previous years' pomp and circumstance will be trumped. This year, Monte Hall will be the Honorary Cyclist.

I have shared race courses with famous folks like Travis Brown and Alison Dunlop, and that was cool. But how exciting is this? What's behind door number two Monte? I get tingly when I think that I could be out there sharing the tarmac with the Game Show Hosts' Game Show Host. I will never be a pro cyclist, obviously, but if I play my cards right and maybe get the right advice from The Master, I could be a game show host. I think maybe I have a new career goal.

Think of the groupies!

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