Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Race Camp Established

 The POD has been moved into the spot she will occupy during the race. I will be operating out of that camp with the help of my generous little sister Meg, and my good friends Scott and Kym Campbell will also be racing (Duo) out of this camp.

The POD is literally less than 200 feet from "Wahoo Rock", which is known by folks who've done the race. The race course trail splits less than a quarter mile from the start/finish, one route (to the left) goes through a rock garden then down a steep granite face probably near 30 feet long. The right-hand fork goes around the rock outcropping, and the two trails meet up again just downhill from where the POD is closest to the trail. That junction is perhaps 300 feet from camp.

These photos were taken of camp from the top of Wahoo Rock:

The trail junction and my neighbors' encampment are visible in the second photo to the right.

Today I'm off to visit the parents in SoCal.

It's all happening soon. Wahoo!

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