Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 2015 High Country Images

We are having a beautiful year.

In winter it was cold. Spring brought an unusual amount of moisture; snow, rain, slush--it was wet.

Summer has been very dynamic. Big thunderstorms, then hot and clear for a while, then a week's worth of rainy afternoons.

The land is busting out with life. Green grass, happy sagebrush, flowers, mushrooms.

Here are some of my pictures from July adventuring.

Greens Creek

Pretty columbine on Greens

The view down toward Whitepine from Granite Mountain, Canyon Creek Trail

Looking north toward the Alpine Tunnel and Brittle Silver Basin from Granite Mountain, Canyon Creek Trail.

My buddy Craig checking out my bike, top of Granite Mountain, Canyon Creek Trail.

Looking south from Granite Mountain.

On the way down from Granite Mountain, upper Canyon Creek Trail

Another day, another bike ride. Crest Trail.

Crest Trail, new friend Taylor cresting a climb

New friend Denise on Silver Creek Trail

Denise going past and Taylor rolling on Silver Creek Trail

Taylor finishing one of the hundred climbs on the Rainbow Trail near Mear's Junction.

Get out there. The rockies in Southern CO have never been prettier.