Monday, May 21, 2012

June in May

little trickle crick
Took my first ride on the Silver Creek to 285 section of the Rainbow on Saturday. No new pictures. I already have hundreds of shots of the various pretty parts of that trail from the various times of year when I have ridden it. I'd have to say it's my favorite local trail.

It could be July up there peoples--other than that the aspen leaves are still brand-new lime green and the creek crossings are just a little bit up. Sunday Kathy and I rode the other Salida section of the Rainbow, the Bear Creek bit, though we just looped back down; a little routine known as Cali Loop. Took the above photo of a little creek found at the site of a button-hook turn about midway across from Bear to Methodist.

The May 20 that was a June 10.


Matt said...

I've been thinking the same.... Weird year for sure...


Put A Ring on Me said...

interesting title