Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hot rod, jeep, freightliner?

When talking about what kind of rider/racer I am, I call myself a Diesel. Freightliner. Peterbilt. Big, steady, slow to achieve speed.

For a couple years I've been trying to get into a big rig showroom to see if they have
Cat Diesel Power stickers that I can put on my bike.

Well, I never got any and the ones I've seen out there on eBay or whatever are way too big for a bike. They are bumper stickers.

So I photoshopped some using colors, fonts, and proportions as close I as could to what was out there on the interwebs. Ordered up a stack of them. An inch high, just right for a top tube.

Want some? Paypal me a fivespot and I'll mail you 6 of them. Paypal me a tenner and I'll mail you 15. Paypal me 20 and I'll sent you 40. My paypal address is my Gee Mail acount, tom.purvis at gee mail dot com.

Put a label on your bike to tell the world that you ain't no two-stroke.

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FixieDave said...

i'll paypal yah a few $ in a week or so =)