Thursday, January 5, 2012

The One-Post-Per-Year blog

This blog is pretty much dead. I sometimes think about getting back into the swing, but obviously don't follow through. I have some pictures accumulating that are nice, some ride stories that are tell-able, but my focus is obviously elsewhere. I may get back to it this year. We shall see.

Today I am posting based on the wildly optimistic assumption that anybody still sees this blog or is notified in an automated fashion about new content. I have a problem and I need to get the word out using any and all channels:

Last spring I adopted two neutered male cats from an animal shelter that screwed up by mistaking an intact female for a neutered male. So "George" got pregnant last summer. She had 5 kittens October 7th, 2011. Four have homes. One is left and I desperately need to find a home for him.


I call him Tigg. He's a beautiful, affectionate gray tiger. He's had first shots, is completely box trained, the best possible nutrition, and a safe stable environment to grow up in.

Adopting from shelters is moral, but often we bring home pets with baggage. Tigg has no baggage. He's perfectly socialized, he wasn't weaned early, he's had a rich social life with both siblings and adult cats. He was 12 weeks old December 30, 2011.


He needs and deserves a good home as much as any cat. He could easily become a shelter cat, but for now I simply can't turn him over to a shelter. I cannot stand the image of him in a stainless steel cubbyhole with a wire door.

If you know of a good home, please let me know. tom dot purvis at gmail dot com.


Chad said...

Good to see you are back on the bike :)

JenyJo said...

EEEDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Look at TIIIIGGGG!!!! I think booboo needs to finally realize that he's not the only cat on this planet... and he needs to learn to be more ... social. maybe Tigg can show Tonka how to be a more normal cat.


(Trying, Tom!!)


Ed said...

OMG, heartbreaker!