Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh so ready to go

For the last couple weeks I've been giving the Lev some lovin'. During the 24 in the Old Pueblo she developed a brain-numbing creak that kept other riders from wanting to be around me. It was a nice constant drumbeat that kept me alert and aware, but by the time I finished up it was pretty much the first thing I wanted to address when I got back to the shop in Salida.

Über-wrench Scot and I tore her down when time became available (mountain town bike shop in winter--didn't take long for that to happen). Among other things we discovered that the sealed bearings in the main pivot were toast. She's seen some miles since we got together early last summer. By the end of October I had put in 700 miles just during races. I can add up another 700 just thinking of special long recreational and training rides. Then throw in another 200 at Old Pueblo, after dousing her with rain and snow twice in the weeks leading up... None of that counts normal ride rides. Creek crossings. And lots of wet days. Look at what our monsoon season was like in '07!

Every pivot got attention, new bushings and reducers from Fox, new chain, shift cables and housing... Now she's like buttah.

Anyhoo, I'm getting amped up for the San Ysidro Dirty Century next weekend! Weather is looking dry down there, and in the 70s. Sweet Fancy Moses! It's almost too good to be true. Cannot wait.

Heading down Friday. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I have been training. The snow race was a durned good workout, then I've done probably 5 road rides per week (most of them utterly bundled up to deal with temps in the 30s with wind).

Could it be that I could actually have perspiration? I can only hope.


FixieDave said...

Good luck down south!

Matt said...

That should be a good sled for the SYDC...chew up some washboard on the return trip which is usually insanelt fast.