Thursday, January 18, 2007

OK, now I’m training

After a a 48-mile day on the mountain bike Tuesday and a 60+ mile day on the road bike Wednesday, I woke up feeling a little worked. It is time for an easy day.

Road bikes are such an effective instrument of torture! Isn’t it amazing how easily a skinny-tire bike can be used to make one’s buttocks burn? No hiding from the pedaling. Grind away up the hills, spin away down the hills, and listen to the wind howling in your ears.

I was on highway 89 just north of the little town of Catalina, just approaching one of the new mega-subdivisions being carved out of the desert when I spotted a coyote in the borrow pit. She was looking for a chance to cross, all business. Staying low and out of sight, watching cars and trucks whiz by. Waiting, waiting. I worried about her, and on my way back by hours later I feared I would see her broken body laying on the shoulder. No sign of her though--hopefully she made it to where she was heading safe and sound.

Arizona is a busy, growing place. Like Colorado, the growth seems to be spread around more or less all over. Anyplace that’s beautiful you’ll see earth moving equipment turning the landscape into a bland, flat building site. And then you’ll see the grey-headed baby boomers, zooming around in their Subarus and Lexi, looking for a dining room set or a Starbucks. But you’ll also see the native critters scooting around doing their thing.

quail running around near the POD

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