Saturday, January 13, 2007

Guest Worker Program - Arizona Trail new construction!

 I ran into a local luminary when I was out riding on the fabulous bit of Arizona Trail near the La Posta Quemada Ranch in Colossal Cave Mountain Park the other day. He was Mark Flint, the designer of the trail sections I’ve been so impressed with, and the leader of the crews that were building trail there. He informed me that a workday was scheduled for Saturday, the 13th. It was a Pima Trails Association project. I told him I’d be pleased to join them.

It was very impressive workday. Even though it was quite cold by Tucson standards, in the upper 30s when we started, there were at least 45-50 workers there. We were doing new bench-cut trail construction. It was a very impressive effort.

I met quite a few people who are going to be at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, and just lots of cool people in general. I got a tip that there are some cool people staying out at the Old Pueblo race venue, and I can hang out with them if I head out there to stay and ride for a while.

I also got a t-shirt, a nalgene bottle, a great lunch, and an extra lunch to go! I ate the 2nd lunch for dinner. My back is tired, and I have that satisfied virtuous volunteer feeling. Hey, that was my MLK Day effort! I’m going to be show up at the next work day, which is January 28 at the same place.

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