Monday, February 27, 2012

Febre Larry

It's my un-favorite month, and this year it comes with a whole extra day! An extra 3.5% of February. Super size me!

Oh what the heck, we have to have un-favorites in order to make for a greater appreciation of our favorites. February is the hard one for me because it's the last part of the winter grind. March is the winter month when things start to warm up and get lighter. And it's right around the corner.

But even this harsh February gave me some good stuff. My boy Tigg has now been in his new perfect home for 8 days. A recent report tells me that he is happy, settled, and welcomed by his new home buddy Whisky.


I got a two-weekend fencing project finished yesterday. No pictures of the finished project, but I could take some pictures of my hands and you'd see clear evidence of why office rats should probably just hire people to do their home projects. Not to worry, I'll heal up soon.

And then there's mountain biking. Not much, but a little. Got up on the the Arkansas Hills Trail System Saturday and yesterday and dodged mud holes for a while.

front side
Some pretty nice trail, wending its way through khaki-colored february flora

front side
Standing water on Sand Dunes at the intersection with Backbone

front side
Looking across at the Tenderfoot Trail, soon to be 6 years old!

front side
This is the story of February 2012 weather--dry except where there is shade.

There's a storm circling in right now, maybe it will shut down all this Salida singletrack again until well into March. But if the recent pattern is any predictor it will just blow cold wind at us and make us remember it's still winter even though it looks nice out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hot rod, jeep, freightliner?

When talking about what kind of rider/racer I am, I call myself a Diesel. Freightliner. Peterbilt. Big, steady, slow to achieve speed.

For a couple years I've been trying to get into a big rig showroom to see if they have
Cat Diesel Power stickers that I can put on my bike.

Well, I never got any and the ones I've seen out there on eBay or whatever are way too big for a bike. They are bumper stickers.

So I photoshopped some using colors, fonts, and proportions as close I as could to what was out there on the interwebs. Ordered up a stack of them. An inch high, just right for a top tube.

Want some? Paypal me a fivespot and I'll mail you 6 of them. Paypal me a tenner and I'll mail you 15. Paypal me 20 and I'll sent you 40. My paypal address is my Gee Mail acount, tom.purvis at gee mail dot com.

Put a label on your bike to tell the world that you ain't no two-stroke.