Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good Day, Sunshine

Wednesday morning I got up and spent nearly two hours cleaning up the trailer. I reorganized a bunch of stuff, did some dishes, and got everything put back to where it needed to be. Then I went outside and noticed that a really nice day was shaping up; still chilly, and a little windier than I’d like, but not one cloud in the sky.

I suited up to ride, leaving off the leg warmers for the first time in over a week. I went with my long sleeve wool jersey, but bare legs! I rode a wide variety of singletrack on and around the venue all day. I was probably on the bike for a little over 5 hours. It got warmer as the day went by, perhaps as high as 60 by the end of the day. Wonderful. The Fisher was working perfectly, the trail was dry but very tacky, and my newest tire combo was working really well: WTB WW2.55 up front, Kenda Nevegal on the back.

I rode all afternoon, rolling back to the POD just a bit before sundown tired and happy. I was railing, all day. I actually nearly ran over a roadrunner at one point!

Finished the day with spicy beans, rice, and elk eaten on good local tortillas. Slept like a rock.

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