Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Local Action (FINALLY!)

For the past 6 months all of my ride reports have focused on rides that were not here close to Salida. All of them.

At last there has been some melt-off. Today I rode up into the Arkansas Hills north of town to around 9,000 ft. elevation then descended on a trail soon to be made off-limits. I don't mention the name of the trail for obvious National Security™ reasons. But let's just say that the name rhymes with Trottonwood.

Wellsir, it was pretty damned nice. Suiting up right on my apartment rather than out of the truck in some southwestern parking lot, rolling right down the driveway and out of my town, and then climbing a few thousand feet to do a real mountain bike ride!

Damn straight.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. It sucks that trails are being closed though. Glad that you, finally, got to ride close to home.

Antonious said...


. . . never heard of it.

Grizzly Adam said...

Why the closure? Only closing to bikes? Or all together?

That picture made me homesick for the VT125. I love Salida, and the surrounding peaks.

Matt said...

Hey amigo - heard about your injury at Cortez. Lenny and I were looking for you afterward and got wind of it from the Leadville people. Hope things are all right and get well!