Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dawn 'til Dusk Gallup, NM

Great race, really good. What a kickin' course! Really fast and fun.

My first race on the singlespeed. I am surprised at how well I was able to hold up. Put a bunch of the pain onto my shoulders and triceps from all the standing and grinding. But not knees. And my gear was perfect. Really fun for rockin' it through the swoopy turns!

Dawn 'til Dusk course just after sunrise

I'm not going to write the story just now--need to get down the road back to Salida. But wanted to include a couple pictures. Here's the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse crowd who I camped with.

What a family reunion this was! I must have seen 40 people that I know from a variety of places.

My campmates, the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse Team

Good time.


Unknown said...

Photo's look awesome, can't wait for the full report.... and more photo's

Matt said...

Looks like you did quite well in the SS category there Tom. You must have been neck and neck with Lenny all day. Welcome to the dark side.

See you in Cortez.

Carney said...

Nice work!!

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of mountains and deserts too, and yes, I avoid malls and churches like the plague-does not make me an atheist, quite the contrary!