Friday, March 30, 2007

Visiting Brother-Out-Law

Back when Jim and I were married to sisters, we used to get together every year to ride bikes in the desert in Springtime. We had some great times, before and after Jim became a dad.

This spring Jim has his two beautiful daughters on spring break vacation in St George, UT and I was invited to come over to spend some time kicking back and having fun. We aren't really in-laws any more, so we've explained to Julienne that we are brother outlaws.

Here you can see me practicing my River Dance moves while Jim and the girls relax and try to ignore me

As usual, Utah serves up some incredible scenery, fascinating geology, and nice sunny days.

A trip into Zion NP and a hike is a great way to spend a day together.


Grizzly Adam said...

If you've got your bike, you gotta check out Gooseberry Mesa. The Jem trail is also worth seeing.

Tom Purvis said...

Oh yeah, gonna hit Gooseberry and JEM, possibly Little Creek Mesa, possibly Casto Canyon up near Panguitch. I'll be over here in SW Utah into next week some time, but the brother-out-law and girls will head north tomorrow. Once I'm lone wolf again I'll do some loooong rides.

Are you a Denver guy Adam? Or where?

Grizzly Adam said...

I am up in Orem, UT, about 4 hours North on 1-15 from St. George.