Friday, March 23, 2007

Ah, Spring

Spring is here. And as all good Colorado Mountain Bikers know, that means that it's time to go to Utah. Or Fruitah if that's your preference.

Red sand. Red sandstone. Ledgy doubletrack. Swoopy singletrack. Ravens and Canyon Wrens. Coyotes singing after sunset. A rich dose of desert--sunburn and burning lungs.

I'm heading west today, Friday March 23. I'll be flogging myself through as much of the
Rim Ride Moab as I can finish before sunset tomorrow. Rumor has it that the 90 mile course will be difficult to finish between 6am and sundown unless you're a badass. So I'm considering it to be a nice challenge, and I'm going to throw a good hard effort at it. I do not want to spend the night out in the desert, but it would be nice to be a badass.

After the Rim Ride, assuming that I survive and find my way back to civilization, I will be heading over to St George for a week, then I intend to hit Fruita on my way back to Salida.

Spring must be celebrated. It primes us for summer, which is just around the corner.

Yeah Baby! Yeah!

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