Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Trail Project!

The good people at Salida Mountain Trails have started the Little Rainbow Extension project. It will be a little over 3 miles of hand-build trail to complement the nearly 7 miles of machine-built trail that comprises today's Little Rainbow, part of the Methodist Mountain Trail System south of Salida.

I was asked to crew lead, so it was time to find the gloves and gnarly old carhartts and get out there to dig some bench and raise some dust.

I really like the alignment of this trail. This may turn out to be the woodsiest trail of the local Salida low-elevation trail systems.

Here's a scraped out gully that was full of pine cones. 

Needs to be a bench...

And there's a bench.

A selection of photos from on down the new trail:

About a half mile of new out of 20 or so volunteers. Good productive day!

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