Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back toward the lighter side

Today the northern hemisphere stops getting shorter days and longer nights, and moves in the other direction.

I always note the passing of the winter solstice with approval. The dark part of the year isn't good for me. And this year autumn came with some really wintery weather.

Yeah, we have several dark months ahead, but it's only up from here.

I haven't posted for a while. Generally I don't post when I'm bitchy. Kathy and I did get back from an Arizona trip Sunday night.

Kathy riding on some signature Mark Flint singletrack on the AZ Trail in the Rincons

It was a good trip. Kathy had not really seen southern AZ, and we spent most of the time just out away from things, charging the tPOD battery off the generator and eating out of the cooler.

The change of scenery was helpful. The passing of the solstice is helpful. The planet's wobble up is done for this year. Let the wobble down begin.

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