Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Sled takes shape!

Brown Santa showed up at Absolute Bikes with my new VooDoo Canzo29 frame on Friday. There was plenty going on and not enough mechanics doing it, so the frame got hung from a hook waiting for its chance to get built up.

On Saturday night, Banks called me offering to meet me at the shop at 8 AM Sunday, 2 hours before time to open up so that we could slap the parts on the new sled. I wasn't sure we could get done in two hours, but it sure wasn't an offer I was going to turn down.

bare frame, faced and chased and ready for the next thing.

This will be my first bike with a new flavor of King Bling:

Chris King bottom bracket? Oh yes.

There's nothing like an experienced bike mechanic doing what he does. Scot was fast. At 8:00 AM he was picking his facing tool out of the drawer. At 8:55 it was all done but for checking out shock pressure and setting my saddle height. Damn.

Banks finishing up.

Ready for the maiden voyage!


Ed said...

Yeehah! Enjoy the maiden ride. Scot is the man!

a CK bb....hmmm?


Tom Purvis said...

Yeah Ed, Scot IS the man, and CK DOES now build replacement BBs for your favorite Shimano crankset. I squealed like a 12-year-old girl when I saw those babies on CK's web site. Shoving Phil Wood sealed bearings into your Shimano cups is good, but CK? There's a special tool you can get to shove new grease into them without disassembling the bearing. Nice!

FixieDave said...

Ahhh but no hydro's to bleed ;)

nice looker T-man