Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Marble River/West Maroon Pass

August 3, 2008

Every summer a person who lives within two hours of Crested Butte should make a pilgrimage just to see the flowers. Bike riding, of course. When possible. But I know from experience: to see the best flowers you need to use your feet. A hike in to the Snowmass/Maroon Bells Wilderness is the way to get the goods.

The view west from the Trailhead, west of Schofield Pass. Down the Marble River toward the town of Marble.

It's really difficult to capture how beautiful the flowers are with a camera, you have to see them.

Flowers and skunk cabbage

A tiny waterfall near the headwaters of the Marble River

The view from W. Maroon Pass, off toward Aspen. First weekend of August, and plenty of snow.

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Ed said...


I remember when I first started riding in CO, someone told that stuff was skunk cabbage, I smelled it and laughed - that ain't no stinkin' skunk cabbage!

Head out east and take a whiff of REAL skunk cabbage, it'll knock you on your ass!