Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leadville Snow Bike Race #3

I was in Arizona when race #2 went down. The Tennessee Pass Night Jam happened at the Tennessee Pass Nordic Center. Sounds like it was really cool.

I did roll up there for #3 yesterday, which was on the Mineral Belt Trail. A good time, of course. Bluebird day, big time.

In contrast to race #1, a guy could actually pedal this one almost the whole way. Sterling had gotten the trail groomed Friday. Temps have been higher and the sun has been shining, so the consistency of the groomed trail was a bit crispy (at first), It rolled like a soft dirt road for the most part, but there were softer spots.

The day was just beautiful. Not a cloud, felt much warmer than it was.

As the race went on, the temperature and strong sunshine started affecting the trail consistency. Just like a spring skiing day--crispy in the morning, softer and softer as the day went on.

In about the last 10% of the course, the snow suddenly became mushy enough to be like beach sand with flat tires. Our tracks did not show that we were sinking, but the rolling resistance got to be really high. I slogged with my singlespeed. I'm not sure that a gear change would have even helped though, it was just hard work. And the sun was shining. I sweated like a pig. I had to walk a few times on flat ground just to avoid cardiac arrest. And then there was the finish!

Dave knows what I'm talking about:

Dave rolls to the finish (looks easier than it was--that snow was soggy).

Dave allows himself to topple over after crossing the line. Nice place to wind down--and breath!

Lunch after the awards at High Mountain Pies, which was excellent.


FixieDave said...

that was way good pie nice hanging with yah!

Chris said...

That was good fun hanging out with you Tom. I have at least one picture of you on the post on my blog.

Ed said...

Oooo, new look.

We missed you guys but we had fun in the sun too :-)


Matt said...

Wow that actually looks fun. Might have to head up that way next year because it looks like my fingers would survive a crash in that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.