Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Been up to things. Shot over to California to ride the Tour de Palm Springs with my dad and sisters. It's a spectacle, with near 10,000 riders. I did the century, there are also 55 and 25 mile options.

Now I'm back in Willow Springs. The Venue is filling really fast this year! It's Tuesday and already many of the killer spots are spoken for. I know already that Chad Brown will be one of my next-door neighbors.

I had the honor today of doing racecourse trail maintenance with Phil, creator and maintainer of much of this little slice of heaven for over 10 years. We did some very good things. Water control for the most part. Of course my little contribution today adds up to about 4% of what Phil has already done this season.

It's beautiful. About 68, sunny, little breeze, no clouds. One of those days when you sit in the shade with sunglasses on and a cool drink.

Four days until race day! Woo Hoo!


Japhy rider said...

been up late packin the rig to rally to 24 Hour Town. Shredder and I are sure lookin' forward to racing and visiting with you this weekend. thanks for putting the time in to help out.

JenyJo said...

you're just a rock star, tom.

sending you good energy for the race!



Ed said...

Right now, sitting in this windowless office, customer deadlines looming, stressed out to the max, knowing how nice it is outside and knowing my bike is nearby on the car but might as well be a million miles away....

I am so jealous.

Good luck this weekend and have a blast!


Chad said...

Chad Brown..... damn, that guy is supposed to be real fast. Too bad he likes beer more than he does the bike :) Checking to see if you were coming down, looks like you are already here. Sweet.